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March 26, 2009 / Pratik

How I Got TV Out to Work with ATI X1200 without FGLRX

I got TV out to work with my ATI X1200 graphics card on Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope without the FGLRX driver. I had to enable experimental tv-out support by editing the “/etc/X11/xorg.conf” file with a text editor. There might be some quirks when this option is enabled.

In the “Device” section I added the following line.

Option "ATOMTvOut" "yes"

The driver setting needs to be set as “radeon” or “ati” in the Device section.

Driver "ati"

This only works with “R/RV5xx, R/RV6xx, and R/RV7xx atombios chips” according to the man page for the radeon driver.


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