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May 29, 2010 / Pratik

GNU Emacs Running From a Thumb Drive

It’s not that challenging to make GNU Emacs run off a thumb driver and store it’s settings on it. An important thing to know about doing this in Windows, a lot of different computers use different drive letters to correspond to certain storage devices depending on the amount of storage devices. The rest of this tutorial will make the assumption that GNU Emacs is already extracted on the thumb drive in (thumb drive letter):\emacs-23.2

Step one: Create a batch file in the thumb drive to deal with the issue of getting different drive letters for your thumb drive.

@echo off
set HOME=%~d0\emacs-settings

%~d0 will get the drive letter that the batch file is in

Step two: Run that batch file (double click the batch file). This will cause GNU Emacs run from a thumb drive and store it’s settings on the thumb drive.


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