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March 14, 2013 / Pratik

Google Reader is Going To Be Discontinued

I use feed aggregators, because I read my news from multiple sources (e.g. NPR, The Verge, The Texas Tribune, KXAS, WFAA, and etc.) These feed aggregators give me the option to filter out things that I’m not interested in like stories that sound like a rehash of the police blotter. Recently Google has decided to discontinue their feed aggregator service, Google Reader.

I’m looking for alternatives. Before I used Google Reader I was using a desktop feed aggregator called RSSOwl. It supports Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. I didn’t stop using RSSOwl, because of quality issues. I only stopped using RSSOwl, because my workflow changed and at that time RSSOwl didn’t offer Google Reader synchronization. Getting many portable devices over time led me to change my workflow. It became less convenient to just use one device to read the news.

There are ways to get many news source in one location and that is to use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I do not want to use social networks as the only way get my news. It doesn’t have the functionality that I need. There isn’t adequate filtering. There isn’t a way of to mark posts as read. Not all news services provide a social network presence.

As times passes we’ll reach the shutdown date of July 1, 2013. At that time I may have to revisit my old workflow of using one device as my centralized location of getting the latest news.


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