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May 27, 2015 / Pratik

Building Flask’s Documentation

For those who don’t know, Flask is a micro framework for making web sites. One day, I went to Flask’s website and I encountered a 404 when I was trying to download the documentation in zipped HTML form. From time to time, I feel it is really convenient to have offline documentation. Since, I feel it’s important to have documentation offline I went off to build the documentation from Flask’s tarball. Here are the steps to build Flask’s documentation in Arch Linux.

Create a Virtual Environment for Flask and activate it

$ virtualenv2 flask-env
$ source flask-env/bin/activate

Install sphinx in that virtual environment

(flask-env)$ pip install sphinx

Install Flask in “Development Mode”

(flask-env)$ tar -zxvf Flask-0.10.1.tar.gz
(flask-env)$ cd Flask-0.10.1
(flask-env)$ python develop

Make the Documentation

(flask-env)$ make -C docs html

Go to the Freshly Built Documentation

(flask-env)$ xdg-open docs/_build/html/index.html

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